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The way to accomplish this is very simple. Your stories or events are captured on video tape by our skilled interviewers. They are combined with your family photos, films, videos, and images of important family documents, resulting in a personal history documentary that will be cherished now and by generations to come.

If you are thinking about having you family or personal history preserved, the best place to start is with your old (and new) photos. Organize the photos and as you browse through them, reminisce and record your thoughts as you remember them. Ask yourself if you would like to include these in your story.  Make notes in pencil on the backs of the photos noting  any details you remember about the place, time, and people in the photo.

We will also supply you with a list of questions that you may look over and decide if you would like to include them in your story, or you may prefer to tell your story the way you think it should be told.